The ever changing times of a freelance musician

Well, January is well and truly underway, and in true freelance style things have changed a fair bit for me again.

I am now personally taking a step back from my school guitar teaching roles to help develop a new recording and training facility in Exeter. I shall be based full time at Studio 54 in Exeter, working with the Academy of Music and Sound. 

My commitment to teaching guitar remains unchanged, but taking a step back from the everyday will help me focus on quality one on one tuition and also to start about sharing those techniques that I consider to be my specialisms to a wider audience online.

The facility at High Street in Exeter is an excellent one, and helping to develop that as a creative hub for musicians that choose to locate in Exeter is also something I am passionate about. 

As such! 

I have TWO new colleagues! 

Sean Tucker Clemens

Sean will be teaching at St James School in Exeter on Tuesday all day. 

Phil Smyth

Phil will be up at Steiner Academy Exeter on a Thursday. 

I've known these two fellows for some time, and delghted that they are joining me to continue the excellent provision of guitar tuition in Exeter schools. 

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