*READ ME* No more face to face lessons - but you can still keep learning!

The COVID pandemic has changed the way many music tutors work, and now I am working entirely from home.

Home is pretty remote - out near Moretonhampstead, so my time commuting to Exeter to teach guitar has come to an end. 

Thanks for the memories 

By 2017 I was seeing over 150 students per week, so I took on a couple of tutors that helped with delivery in the period 2018 - 2020. Thanks Phil and Sean.

The COVID pandemic saw an end to the school delivery aspect of what I did, so I am now working entirely from home on new projects. All still related to music and music education. 

A new more specific future

Thanks for all the enquiries lately, the best way to continue to support my teaching work is to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE> 

I have a limited amount of time set aside for Zoom sessions each week - and these are going well. As I write this on November 13th I dont have any slots I can offer. But do check back.

Thanks all. 

If you are looking for lessons in the Exeter area please contact Steve Down, or Sean Tucker Clemens, both on Google. 

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