Nice bits...

I'm so pleased to have reached out to Tone Rider Pickups recently. They have sent me some tasty Pure Vintage pickups for Stratocaster. They've gone into my MIJ reissue Fender. I've gone very pure on this one and left out the middle tone pot from the wiring harness all together, this is a mod done on Matt Schofield's guitars (one of my favourite blues players). There's a Sprague capacitor on the second tone pot only- wired up to the bridge pickup only, this means I can roll the shrill trebles off the bridge pup (great when overdriven) and have the pure voice of the neck and middle pickups with conventional 5 way switching. So far these pickups are rocking! Look out for some video content soon to both my instagram and YouTube channels.

Tone Rider Pure Vintage Stratocaster Pickups

The guitar has also beneffited from a larger custom made stainless steel tremolo block, callaham springs, nice vintage switch and CTS pots and a mint green 3 ply guard. It's so great to be able to freshen up Fender guitars like this, maybe that's why I dig them so much!

Wiring harness- CTS pots, Tone Rider pickups, Grigsby vintage style switch, vintage cloth

Et fini!

Mojo... #roadworn


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