Stuff i use to do what i do


Main instrument

2010 Martin OM21 Special

A great small bodied acoustic that packs a punchy attack coupled with that unmistakeable Martin thud and resonance. As a seasoned picker a small bodied guitar is what I needed and this does the job just fine! Currently equipped with an under saddle fishman matrix pick up system.

Back up/teaching instrument

Yamaha LL6

A solid topped Yamaha. Modern playability and appointments, vintage style looks, an under bridge piezo pickup, a padded Yamaha gig bag, and Yamaha build quality, what's not to like?

Lap Slide

1967 Yamaha Nippon Gakki Red Label FG180 custom converted to a dobro setup by Phil Boole instrument repairs with a custom camel bone raised nut and bridge saddle. What a great guitar! The late 60's was a golden era of Yamaha acoustics, they have a lovely tone and it has some serious mojo going on. Resonance and sustain come in spades, the only issue I had with this guitar when it was straight was the nut spacing. Thanks to Phil Boole this is now a thing of the past due to the new top nut- this guitar really sings. Currently running a fishman rare earth blend pick up system and strung up with D'addarrio phosphor bronze running 17-56. Slide bar Shubb SP2, custom rosewood capo insert and Jim Dunlop strap capo to change key,

check it out here.


1964 Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red
A piece of history. I was lucky enough to know a musician with this pre CBS strat for sale. Opportunities like this are few and far between, so now i have a project strat from the golden era. It is very original, but needs a (3rd) refinish, so when funds allow it will be off to Joseph Kaye guitars in London for the vintage treatment. 
Once this one is up and together it will be quite a thing. 

'Number 3' 
A Stratocaster style guitar I put together myself. A 60's spec 2 piece alder body in aged nitro Olympic White, aged Mark Foley plastics, Callaham tremolo, Gotoh aged tuners, AllParts neck with jumbo wire, 10" radius, clay dots, SVL Amalfitano Daytona pickups, bridge pickup wired to tone knob, vintage wiring, PIO cap, CRL switch. 

1996 MIJ fotoflame 1954 reissue Fender Stratocaster

Full vintage rewire, grigsby switch, orange drop cap on the bridge tone pot, Tone Rider Pure Vintage pickups, custom made rolled steel tremolo block, Callaham springs and tree, When I'm down in my hole they'll be chucking this guitar down with me! What a belter, from a fine era of Japanese instruments. 

D'addarrio 11-48

1992 Korean Squire Deluxe Stratocaster. This has noiseless warman single coils and all American hardware and has the bridge blocked off. These early Korean Squires are great - this guitar used to belong to my high school, so there's history there! I affectionately call it the £38 guitar!

D'addarrio 10-46

1981 Epiphone 'by Gibson' Sheraton. A well made Korean Epiphone 335 copy. Lovely quality. Does what a 335 should without costing the earth. Setup with 12 gauge D'addarrio strings by Phil Boole. 

1995 Manson (Andy) arched top (ash) electric. A real find, at a time when Andy was moving a few things on this rare electric came up for grabs at Mansons in Exeter. With Kent Armstrong coil tapped humbuckers, a solid mahogany back and Brazilian rosewood details the guitar is both unique and high quality. Andy's work is of the highest order and Seth is keeping the family values alive and kicking with his own range of beautiful electric guitars. Although I now know I prefer a Fender scale length in this type of guitar this is certainly a keeper!

Dec 16 update- NOW SOLD. A shame, but it has joined a huge collection of Manson guitars. 


Fender Hot Rod Blues Deluxe 1x12 valve combo. 

Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, Jelly Tubes. 

I recommend swapping out the speaker on these, I have freshened this amp up with new tubes, a new reverb tank, strengthened speaker connections, a roadworthy amp. 


I use a few different effects, nothing mind bending, I'm still always after making a guitar sound like a guitar, so pretty simple. Overdrive- Free The Tone Red Jasper, a low gain overdrive similar but slightly hotter than a klon. Rat2 Distortion - I actually rate this pedal very highly, sure they are known for the 80's high gain thing- but I find it really versatile, and great for blues. It's staying. Jim Dunlop JH-1 Cry Baby, solid, old, battered, functional! Mad Professor Deep Blue delay- usually just set to a single repeat and then coupled with the reverb on the amp, it serves as a kind of 'gap filler' in the tone- you wouldn't necessarily notice that it was on, but you would notice if it wasn't there on an AB test. An idea I half inched from blues maestro Matt Schofield. It works for me. 
I put all my bits in this attache case for a retro vibe- I've built in Neutrick jack plates and everything!